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From Gotham Audio: Two major categories of noise affect all audio cables: electrical interference and micro-phonics. Unbalanced single core audio cables are much more sensitive to electrical interference than balanced cables which, because of their twisted pair configuration, have the ability to mutually cancel EMI. Microphonic noise is caused by a static charge generated when the conductor is rubbed against its insulation. This occurs to some degree whenever the cable is moved. The microphonic effect is evident by a clicking noise in the system, usually occurring when the cable is handled or moved. Gotham GAC-1 unbalanced cable has been engineered to minimize these effects. With this ultra Pro version we have gone one step forward by adding yet another lawyer of conductiove plastic between the conductor itself and the isolation of the Conductor. Making a sandwich kind of conductive material between the 2 copper shields and the conductor itself.

ADVANTAGES: RF-protection via "double Reussen shield" plus Low Microphonics achieved with 2 conductive PVC layers over the conductors insulation, inside and outside, allowing any static build up to leak to the shield and be grounded before it has any harmful effects and a jacket thick yet tough and flexible jacket that protects the cable.

CONCLUSION: Due to its quiet behaviour and high strength, Gotham GAC-1 UltraPro unbalanced cable is ideally suited for live applications such as guitar leads; it is equally suited for static applications such as a phono interconnect lead. Nothing has be spared in order to achieve best possible performance of this cable for any analoge audio application at highest standards.

Lava Cable is excited to add this new product from Gotham Audio. We are extremely impressed with its construction and at 21 pF/ft it's capactance is in the sweet spot range for intstrument cables. Initial listening and playing tests have been VERY impressive. This is a superior superior bang-for-buck cable.



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