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The Para-Strap VII has been created by a Paratrooper, Master rated Jumpmaster, and Skydiver and is designed and made to be affordable, rugged (combat ready), comfortable, easily secured to guitars, with unique features not found on any other guitar strap on the market.



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Lava Para-Strap VII™

The Para-Strap VII is adjustable from 44" to 54" and features thick, durable leather tabs, two-inch, Type 24 military parachute webbing; 22 inches of quarter-inch thick padding covered by two-inch tubular nylon; a dual-direction wireless unit holder and a Velcro retainer - serving as 2-point cable securing system. It is the only strap on the market with these unique features. It currently comes in eight colors: Blue, Orange, Yellow, Silver,Sage Green, black, Tan and Coyote Brown. It is a super comfortable strap and is ideal for bass guitars and heavy guitars such as Les Paul's. It is completely Made in the U.S.A.

Lava Para-Strap VII
  • 44" to 54"
  • Durable Leather Tabs
  • Type 24 military webbing
  • 22 inches of quarter-in thick padding
  • Dual-direction wireless unit holder
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Lava Para-Strap VII 




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