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Since the mid-1970's, Gotham AG has supplied a superior range of professional audio cable to the recording, production and broadcast industries. The simple goal: Minimize noise and interference. Meet the demand for worry-free transport of audio signals in today's challenging electromagnetic environment.

Gotham Audio Cables reflect the proud heritage of German broadcast engineering. Much of the range features "Double Reussen Shielding." Two layers of 100% coverage, bare copper wires, wound in opposite directions over the conductors provide the maximum RF-rejection. This design, with its finely stranded copper wire and supple jacketing, assures superb flexibility, easy and fast handling, low memory and reliable, long life.

Manufacturers of some of the world's most prestigious and costly microphones have made Gotham their cable of choice. Yet for all their noise-free, neutral sonic quality and superior feel and finish, Gotham Audio Cables are modestly priced!!


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